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Welcome Las Vegas Nevada Skeet Shooters

Thanks for stopping by the Vegas Skeet Association website. Our mission is to promote the sport of skeet shooting. Hosting several skeet tournaments throughout the year and have 2-3 leagues annually. All Event Calendars, Tournament Scores, and Photos are posted here on

Interested in learning more about the sport of skeet shooting?

If you are a beginner, we will help you get comfortable with the sport and help guide you to become a better shooter. All are welcome to join the league or participate in our tournament events to compete with others on your level. If you are an experienced skeet shooter you will love participating in our tournaments and leagues.

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Vegas Skeet Events

We hold many tournament events annually. All levels of shooters are welcome. We encourage you to join the National Skeet Shooting Association to support the sport as well as registering your scores to determine handicap class average.

Shoot Results

We post all of out tournament scores for all of our events, to view past scores, please click the button below.

Skeet Leagues

All are welcome from beginners to experts. If you have always wanted to learn skeet shooting, our members would love to show you how. Even if you don’t feel ready to join the league, we welcome you to shoot with us anyway.


Michael Hill's First 25 Straight

"Our mission is to promote skeet shooting."
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